Frequently Asked Questions

Q: In which states do you work?

We are a National Contractor. We have done jobs in 24 states and would consider jobs in all states predicated on the scope and economics of the project.

Q: How do you control safety on the job?

ARI has a dedicated Safety Director authorized to do OSHA safety training, and job site evaluations on a periodic basis. Each project manager has successfully completed 10 hours OSHA approved training. Each project manager is required to do safety meetings daily to review job safety requirements, site safety emphasis and any post safety incident corrective actions. Superintendents have 30 hours OSHA training.

ARI Safety manual is restoration/remediation centric as it was developed with SWRI. (Available in English and Spanish upon request)

Q: What is the largest job you have done?

ARI has done two projects that were greater than $25 million in scope. Traditionally, most projects are smaller but ARI has the capability to adapt to diverse and complex assignments

Q: How much bonding can you secure?

Source 03/20/2013 letter from Southern American Insurance Agency. Signed: C.A. McClure. “Southern American has been the surety agent for American Restoration LLC since 1990. We have provided performance and payment bonds for the company on projects in excess of $12,000,000 with an aggregate program between $30,000,000 and $40,000,000.

The bonds are written through West American Insurance Company which is owned by the Liberty Mutual Holding Company, Inc. West American is rated A XV by A.M. Best Company and is on the Federal Treasury list approved for issuing bonds on Federal projects. Final execution of the bonds is subject to a review of the contract documents, evidence of project financing and other normal underwriting requirements at the time.”

Q: How much work is done by your staff?

ARI does 90% of the work they are contracted to perform. We believe this give us the best opportunity to control quality and cost thus the best value for its clients.

Q: Have you done any work for the government?

We have done several local, state and federal projects. ARI met all the contractor qualification and reporting requirements.

Q: How long have you been in business?

American Restoration, Inc was incorporated December 16,1987.

Q: Can you replace the roof on my building?

We would choose highly respected roofing subcontractors from our national network and act as your primary contact to project manage to ensure a satisfactory completion.

Q: Have you ever had a surety bond called?

We have never had a bond called or at risk. ARI takes pride in its quality and workmanship.


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